Debbie Carlson

Debbie Carlson is a contributor to and ETF Report.

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Playing Energy Efficiency With ETFs

ETFs can offer exposure to this increasingly important theme.

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Determining Ex-US Allocations

International exposure can be helpful in terms of a portfolio’s performance.

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Fixed Income Isn’t Itself

A paradigm shift requires new ways of looking at an entire asset class.

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 Understanding Green Bonds

This fairly new asset class is growing rapidly.

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Client Portfolios & Crypto

Advisors are working to define the role of a brand new asset in client portfolios.

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ETF Solutions For Today’s Market

Many new products offer approaches that befit the current unusual market conditions.

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ETF Demand From An Advisor Perspective

Taking the pulse of the appeal of ETFs to clients.

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Smart Beta ETFs Proliferate

What lies ahead for the alternatively weighted index space?

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Smart Beta Vs. Active Management

How smart beta strategies stack up against active management and whether the two approaches achieve their aims.