Debbie Carlson

Debbie Carlson is a contributor to and ETF Report.

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Gold ETFs Take A Bow

The yellow metal did exactly what it was supposed to do when the markets descended into chaos.

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ETF Evolution Opens Market To Risks

There are some overlooked issues that investors should consider, a recent CFA paper argues.

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‘S’ Is For Social

A look at a much-debated facet of responsible investing.

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‘E’ Is For Environmental

The letter in 'ESG' that affects everyone.

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Markets With Different Trajectories

Although both are growing, the U.S. and Canada ETF markets have developed very differently over the years.

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How Small Institutions Use ETFs

Exchange-traded funds offer some advantages for smaller institutions.

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Key Developments In ETFs

A look at some of the biggest themes in the ETF industry during the year.

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I’m 25 & Ready To Invest For Retirement. Where Do I Start?

How advisors get their younger clients started on their investing journey.

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Mutual Funds Vs. ETFs In Retirement

ETFs face significant barriers to entry in the retirement space.