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Heather Bell is managing editor for ETF.com and ETF Report.

ETF Watch

ETF Watch: More China A-Shares Filings

DB, Market Vectors file for ETFs covering slices of the China A-shares market.

ETF Watch

ETF Watch: An Active Week For Issuers

New iShares fund is actively managed, focuses on "liquidity income."

ETF Watch

ETF Watch: iShares Debuts ICSH

New iShares fund is actively managed, focuses on "Liquidity Income."

ETF Watch

ETF Watch: SSgA Debuts Ex-BRIC ETF

New EM ETF excludes Brazil, Russia, India and China.

ETF Watch

ETF Watch: AdvisorShares Unveils EPRO

Actively managed ETF has new name, ticker and objective.

ETF Watch

ETF Watch: ProShares Debuts Bond ETF

ProShares rolls out a short-term emerging markets bond fund.

ETF Report

 New ETF Launches

Fidelity's new financials ETF will compete with XLF. Plus: Our monthly look at new ETF launches.


Features and News

ETF Watch: ProShares Adds Bond ETF

New investment-grade bond ETF hedges against rising interest rates.

ETF Report

 On The Importance Of Connecting

ETF Portfolio Partners in Kansas, founded by Richard Romey, was one of the first firms to offer ETFs-only portfolios.