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Heather Bell is managing editor for ETF.com and ETF Report.

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Rob Arnott, Ron Ryan Launch New Bond Indexes


It sounds like a match made in heaven—and maybe it is. Research Affiliates and Ryan ALM announced Wednesday that they had teamed up to create a new family of bond indexes.

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 New Wave Of Fixed-Income ETFs Mimic Bond Behavior

The ETF industry is known for providing access to new areas and unusual slices of different asset classes, and some recent developments in the area of fixed income only lend further proof to this reputation. They also indicate that fixed income, in particular, will likely continue to be an area of great innovation for ETFs in the near future...

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 Choosing The Right India ETP For Your Portfolio

India first hit investors’ radar about a decade ago, when Goldman Sachs tagged it as one of the four emerging markets to watch in its seminal paper on the BRIC countries. Despite a decade of strong growth, many think India is still getting started.

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Russell Launches Global SMID Index


Russell, perhaps best-known in the index industry for the Russell 2000 Index covering domestic small-cap stocks, recently rolled out a benchmark covering what the firm calls the global “SMID” segment.

Journal Of Indexes

Is Buy-And-Hold Dead?

Our panel of experts may disagree ...

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Claymore ETF Captures China Tech Sector


Claymore Securities today launched its fourth exchange-traded fund focused on
’s equities markets, with the rollout of the Claymore China Technology ETF (NYSEArca: CQQQ).

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The Best Micro-Cap ETF

In micro caps, the small things matter. We get down to details with the funds covering this tiny portion of the market.

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 Micro Cap Matters

A lot of investors have an interest in small-cap stocks; for them, it’s not all about the S&P 500. In small-cap territory, they assume, there’s more growth potential.

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Home Prices Up In August, But Worries Exist

August is the seventh month of improvement for S&P’s Case-Shiller indexes. Can it last?