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Heather Bell is managing editor for ETF.com and ETF Report.

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Digging Into Emerging Market ETFs

A look at the leading funds will help you decide how to position yourself.

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Emerging Market Ex China ETF Launches

KraneShares rolled out an ETF that allows EM investors to skip the China exposure.

Daily ETF Watch

Cloud Computing ETF Debuts

Global X expands its thematic ETF offering.

Daily ETF Watch

ETF Week: Zero-Fee Funds Debut

Plus, the first space ETF rolls out.

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Newcomer Rolls Out Zero-Fee ETFs

SoFi launches ETFs with waivers lowering expense ratios to zero.

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1st Space ETF Lifts Off

A first-of-its-kind fund for investors with an eye to the future just hit the market.

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iShares Continues iBonds ETF Expansion

Newest addition further expands municipal bond coverage.

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New Targeted Sector ETNs Debut

REX Shares adds another five ETNs to its MicroSectors lineup.

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Genomics & Biotech ETF Launches

New Global X fund incorporates artificial intelligence into its methodology.