Heather Bell

Heather Bell is the editor of ETF.com.

Features and News

Why Vanguard’s Bogle Was A ‘Punk Rock’ Disruptor

Digging into Eric Balchunas’ take on the Vanguard founder’s legacy and impact.

Features and News

FlexShares Strategist On Investing In Today’s Markets

Christopher Huemmer offers some perspective for investors dealing with the current investment environment.

Daily ETF Watch

ETF Odds & Ends: FlexShares Adds ESG Fund

Launches represented most of the activity in the ETF space during the week.

Features and News

United Airlines Stock Soars, Affecting 127 ETFs

After suffering losses in the first quarter, the stock surged on expectations of a rebound in the transportation industry.

Daily ETF Watch

iShares Plans BuyWrite Bond Strategy ETFs

The issuer has filed for ETFs that would apply a covered call strategy to the fixed income space.

Daily ETF Watch

WisdomTree Revamps Real Estate ETF

The revised fund targets technology-centered real estate companies.

Features and News

Why Commodities Have A Lot Of Runway

Abrdn’s Bob Minter talks about why current events are creating opportunities in commodities.

Daily ETF Watch

State Street Climate ETF Gets Makeover

The revised ETF will take a more differentiated angle.

Bitcoin & Crypto

2 More Issuers Plan Inverse Bitcoin Futures ETFs

AXS and Direxion have both joined in the push for an inverse bitcoin futures ETF.