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Heather Bell is managing editor for ETF.com and ETF Report.

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Chipping Away At Semiconductor ETFs

A major driver of our economy can get lost in the portfolio shuffle. But how do you choose?

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Asset Allocation ETFs Debut

Two new ETFs switch between bonds and equities in trend-following strategy.

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Active Ultra Short Bond ETF Launches

Sit Fixed Income Advisors is the driving force behind new ETFMG product.

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New ETF Seeks To Exclude Losers

GraniteShares takes a unique angle with its latest equity fund.

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First Zero Fee ETNs Launching

Barclays first to introduce an exchange-traded note with no expense ratio.

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ETF Family Uses Options Overlay Strategies

Newcomer Liquid Strategies rolls out five active ETFs covering key asset classes. 

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Defined Outcome ETF Lineup Expands

Two new funds launch, three existing funds reset. 

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 ETF Launches: ECLN

Launches were sparse in August.

ETF Report

ETF Explainer: SPLV

A low volatility S&P 500 ETF essentially did its job for the past 12 months.