Hot Reads: 2022 Leads to Differences in Growth & Value Indexes

Plus, the backlash against ESG could be seeing its own backlash as pension funds weigh in.

Reviewed by: Heather Bell
Edited by: Heather Bell

Growth & Value ETFs’ Performance Diverge After S&P Rebalance (Financial Times)
Reclassification of stocks such as Meta and Exxon did not happen across all index providers.


The Backlash Against ESG Faces Its Own Backlash (Institutional Investor)
Pension funds in red states say culture-war policies are interfering with the market and could cost retirees and taxpayers billions.


Concentration Risks Hurting ESG ETFs More Than Political Attacks (Bloomberg)
ESG investing is highly institutional, so decisions by a handful of firms can have outsized effects.


Sustainable Funds Dodged Outflows in 2022 Market Rout (The Wall Street Journal)
Bond funds that invest based on factors such as companies’ carbon footprints and workforce diversity led the gains.


GICS Changes Set to Impact S&P 500 & Sector ETFs (ETF Strategy)
The changes involve renewable energy companies, data processing firms and retailers.


What Europe’s Economy Needs Now (Jackson Hole Economics)
The U.S. Inflation Reduction Act should be seen as a wake-up call for Europe.


The Best Solution For Reducing Risk in Recession Risk Estimates (The Capital Spectator)
The value of combination forecasting in the current environment has rarely been higher.


New York’s Stock Markets Are Thrashing Hong Kong & London (The Economist)
As it attracts more overseas listings, the Big Apple is getting bigger.


Facts Do Not Cease to Exist Because They Are Ignored (The Evidence-Based Investor)
All the evidence says active management underperforms, but the investing industry routinely ignores that fact.

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