Jessica Ferringer

Jessica Ferringer, CFA, is a writer and analyst for She has 10 years of experience in investment research and due diligence, including helping to manage ETF portfolios. Jessica has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Lafayette College and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.

Bitcoin & Crypto

Popular New Bitcoin ETFs Face Hurdles

The first U.S. bitcoin ETF set an asset-gathering record, but performance is likely to disappoint.

Daily ETF Watch

IndexIQ Adds 3 Dual Impact ETFs

The issuer launched three funds that will donate a portion of their management fees to various nonprofits.

Bitcoin & Crypto

Overshadowed ETF A Crypto Trailblazer

Commodity ETF 'GCC’ is actually the first ETF to provide exposure to crypto assets through futures.

Bitcoin & Crypto

Bitcoin Approaches Record High

As the first U.S. bitcoin ETF closes out its first trading session, bitcoin grinds higher, nearing the record high.

Features and News

Bitcoin Notches New Record High

Bitcoin has reached a new all-time high after seeing its value cut in half earlier this year.

Features and News

First US Bitcoin ETF Attracts $570M In Debut

The first U.S. bitcoin ETF will kick off its second day of trading with $570 million in assets Analysis

Mixed Messages For Retail ETFs

Uneasy consumers haven’t slowed their spending, but the impact on retail ETFs remains uncertain.

Bitcoin & Crypto

Crypto Complex Yawns At Launch

As the first U.S. bitcoin ETF begins trading, cryptomarkets seem to have baked in much of the enthusiasm already.

Features and News

ETF Alternatives To ‘ARKK’

ARK’s disruptive tech ETF has been sinking this year while comparable ETFs are flying high.