Jessica Ferringer

Jessica Ferringer, CFA, is a writer and analyst for She has 10 years of experience in investment research and due diligence, including helping to manage ETF portfolios. Jessica has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Lafayette College and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.

Features and News

Inflation Threat Looms Large

Rising inflation combined with stimulative monetary policy is a growing threat to the U.S. economy.

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Assessing The ESG Investor

As ESG gains traction with investors, surveys have assessed investors’ priorities and motivations.

Features and News

Will ETFs See Another Taper Tantrum?

Reflecting on 2013’s ‘taper tantrum’ offers hints for the months ahead. Analysis

ETFs & Innovation Go Hand In Hand

No matter what comes next, there will be an ETF for it.

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Nuanced Views On ESG Gain Traction

These ETFs offer a differentiated take on ESG investing. Investors are starting to pay attention.

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Tesla Driven Out Of These ETFs

Investors who feel Tesla is overvalued have options regarding large cap and ESG ETFs.

Bitcoin & Crypto

New All Time High For Ether

Ether has reached a new all-time high after seeing its value cut by more than half earlier this year.

Bitcoin & Crypto

Some Advisors Not Biting With ‘BITO’

Despite BITO’s success, some advisors are hesitant to recommend a futures-linked bitcoin ETF.

Features and News

Fallen Angel ETFs Flying Above High Yield

How last year’s market environment laid the groundwork for fallen angel ETFs to soar this year.