Sumit Roy

Sumit Roy is crypto editor and an ETF analyst for and ETF Report.

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Europe & Its Standout Countries

Investors should not overlook Europe’s potential.

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Inflation Now Market’s Biggest Risk

Inflation is scorching hot, raising the risk of much higher interest rates.

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ETFs Impacted By Dollar’s Ascent

From currency ETFs to large and small cap ETFs, the dollar’s impact is far-reaching.

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Best Performing Sector ETFs Of The Year

The S&P 500 surged this year, but four sectors performed even better.

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Best & Worst Performing Tech ETFs Of The Year

There’s been a sharp divergence in performance between the best- and worst-performing tech ETFs in 2021.

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Hawkish Fed Dents Tech Stocks, Not Bonds

High-growth stocks fell on expectations of rate hikes; Treasurys are unconvinced.

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Best Performing Fixed Income ETFs Of The Year

Even with inflation at a four-decade high, these fixed income ETFs have outperformed.

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These ETFs Generate The Most Revenue

The largest ETFs by assets aren't necessarily the most profitable for issuers.

Bitcoin & Crypto

Edelman: Advisors Need To Understand Crypto

A top financial advisor discusses his new resource for crypto education.