Daily ETF Watch: Janus Plans Niche Funds

Traditionally active manager files for 4 funds targeting healthy living.

Reviewed by: Heather Bell
Edited by: Heather Bell

Janus Capital Group, a relative newcomer in the ETF space, recently filed for four funds that target very specific niche markets associated mainly with healthy living. The ETFs will each track global indexes provided by Solactive AG.

According to the prospectus, the Organics ETF will target companies that are involved in, or supporting through their services, the production, distribution and sales of organic foods, not only for consumption as food, but also for cosmetics, supplements and packaging.

The Health and Fitness ETF will cover firms in the fitness industry that produce or market related technology, equipment and clothing; that operate fitness centers; and that are involved in nutrition-related business lines.

The Obesity ETF will invest in companies that provide services and products to the portion of the population that is obese, ranging from biotechnology companies that address obesity-related diseases and health problems, to standard health care companies, to weight-loss-program and supplement providers.

The Long-Term Care ETF will target firms involved in the provision of senior housing, nursing services and specialty hospitals.

Each fund’s underlying index can include companies listed in developed and emerging markets. Ninety percent of the companies in each index must have market capitalizations above $100 million, but there are no other size restrictions in the methodologies.

The filing did not include any mention of a listing exchange, nor did it include tickers or expense ratios.

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