Pacer Adds 2 Thematic Funds

Pacer Adds 2 Thematic Funds

Both ETFs are focused on thematic categories.

Reviewed by: Heather Bell
Edited by: Heather Bell

On Thursday, Pacer ETFs rolled out two thematic funds. The Pacer Industrials and Logistics ETF (SHPP) and the Pacer Data and Digital Revolution ETF (TRFK) both track indexes that are global in scope. 

SHPP and TRFK come with expense ratios of 0.60% and list on the NYSE Arca. 

The former focuses on companies involved in transportation; software that helps to manage logistics and the supply chain; hardware such as machinery and robotics; and consulting on issues such as logistics and supply chain management.  

At launch, SHPP included 104 companies in its portfolio, with Union Pacific Corp. (8.69%), United Parcel Service Inc. (8.23%) and SAP SE (7.69%) as its top three holdings.  

Meanwhile, TRFK seems like a complement to the $1.3 billion Pacer Benchmark Data & Infrastructure Real Estate SCTR ETF (SRVR), as it offers direct access to a wide range of companies that use, manipulate, transmit and store data.  

At launch, the fund’s underlying index included 87 securities, with NVIDIA Corp. weighted at 10.39%, followed by Broadcom Inc. and Cisco Systems Inc., with weights of 9.05% and 7.29%, respectively. 


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For both ETFs, companies must meet size and liquidity requirements to be included in the index. The benchmark itself is rebalanced and reconstituted annually, with companies weighted by modified market capitalization.  


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