ProShares Adds 3 Thematic ETFs

September 30, 2021

Today ProShares rolled out three technology-related ETFs that join its growing lineup of thematic ETFs. The funds and their tickers are as follows:

Each one comes with an expense ratio of 0.58% and lists on the NYSE Arca.

“Each ETF is designed to offer investors exposure to a rapidly changing industry, from the automation of manufacturing, to enhanced analytics and big data processing, to powering the transition to clean energy,” said ProShares CEO Michael Sapir in a press release.

CTEX tracks the S&P Kensho Cleantech Index, which targets companies globally that generate revenues by providing the technologies, products and services driving the generation of clean energy. This can involve solar, wind, geothermal, hydrogen and hydroelectric energy sources, according to the prospectus.   

DAT tracks the FactSet Big Data Refiners Index, which holds companies involved in the management, storage, analysis and usage of large data sets. These can include providers of software, hardware and other equipment. The companies included in the index must generate at least 75% of their revenue from these business activities.

MAKX tracks the S&P Kensho Smart Factories Index, which focuses on the digitalization of factories and the companies that are facilitating this trend. Its scope covers providers of the software, sensors, technology, components and other equipment that support connectivity, environmental sensing and monitoring, conservation efforts and quality control, among other activities.

The three funds join other ProShares thematic ETFs such as the $341 million ProShares Pet Care ETF (PAWZ) and the $880 million ProShares Online Retail ETF (ONLN).

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