Hot Reads: ETF Inflows Slow Among Top Funds

Plus, how Jerome Powell turned market outlooks upside down this week.

Reviewed by: Heather Bell
Edited by: Heather Bell

ETF Inflows Slow as Investors Flee Leading Funds (SeekingAlpha) 
Six of the top 25 largest ETFs currently rank among the top 10 funds that experienced the most significant capital outflows in 2023. 


Powell Changed Everything This Week With His Statements (CNBC) 
The Fed Chairman indicated we’ll see higher interest rates for a longer period. 


Kansas Pension Says ESG Bill Could Cost $3.6B in Returns (Institutional Investor) 
KPERS is already underfunded, and the legislation could make the situation worse, says Executive Director Alan Conroy. 


Fear Sets In (The Irrelevant Investor) 
A look at what happened to Silvergate and Silicon Valley Bank. 


A Respected Finance Professor Dispels 6 Investing Myths (The Evidence Based Investor)  
Lubos Pastor tears apart some accepted investing concepts that don’t get enough scrutiny.  


Lessons From Finance’s Experience With AI (The Economist) 
AI and machine learning were first used by hedge funds decades ago, but humans still have an edge.  


Compression: Can the Valuation Spread Expand Forever? (AlphaArchitect) 
A look at the spread in the context of the Tech Bubble and the Financial Crisis.  

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