Hot Reads: Investors Turned Away From Passive ETFs in February

Meanwhile, bank ETFs see a surge of activity in the wake of SVB’s failure.

Reviewed by: Heather Bell
Edited by: Heather Bell

US Active ETF Sales Soar; Passive Counterparts Bleed Cash (Financial Times) 
Investors pulled more than $10 billion from index-tracking ETFs in February, while active peers attracted $8.6 billion. 


Sleepy Bank ETFs Roar to Life Amid SVB Contagion Fears (Bloomberg) 
Trading volume, options activity have surged in financial ETFs, with KRE said to have “Swiss army knife-like appeal.” 


Proof ESG Can Improve Returns If Done Correctly (Institutional Investor) 
According to a new study from MIT, investors can combine different ESG rating systems to mitigate the noise of each individual ESG index provider. 


For Markets, Silicon Valley Bank’s Demise Signals Painful New Phase (The Economist) 
The Fed’s tightening is starting to bite, but investors are still betting it will start cutting rates soon. 


8 Questions About the Banking Panic of 2023 (A Wealth of Common Sense) 
Putting the events of last week in perspective by examining a number of questions about banks, the economy and the stock market. 


Concentration Is Not Your Friend (Of Dollars & Data) 
Yes, it can lead to riches, but it can also lead to ruin—as in the case of Silicon Valley Bank.  


Will Geopolitics or Technology Reshape the Global Monetary Order? (Jackson Hole Economics) 
China was supposed to be a beneficiary of a shift away from the dollar at the global level, but it’s not showing up in the data.  

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