Hot Reads: Most Stocks Lag Their Indexes

April 28, 2021

Compiled by Staff


How Many Stocks Beat The Indexes? (Morningstar)
Unlike the children of Lake Wobegon, most companies are below average.


3 Geo-Economic Trends To Watch (CFA Institute)
The rise of China, climate change and cyberthreats could shape the 2020s.


Materials ETF Sets Another All-Time High (MarketWatch)
XLB” pushed to a fresh high Monday as investors embraced the cyclical trade.


Reopening Plays Have Room To Run (ETF Edge)
Restaurants, airlines and hotel stocks should see a boost from blowout Q1 GDP growth.


Will The IRS Come After Your Bitcoin Soon? (Investopedia)
The U.S. government is going to want to tax gains, as they would for any other investment.


3 Dividend ETFs To Buy & Hold (
Products from Schwab, Vanguard and ProShares could offer the dividend access you’re seeking.


Stock Market’s Collapse Is Near (Advisor Perspectives)
The powerful up-trend of the last 12 years is not a comprehensive representation of the stock market.


Junk Bonds Leading Fixed Income Markets In 2021 (The Capital Spectator)
But as reflation heats up, is the already stretched high-yield market headed for trouble?


Some Thoughts On Low Vol Investing (Validea)
Using a standard risk framework, it is difficult to explain why the factor works.


Big Money Poll (The Irrelevant Investor)
We’ve gone from “is value investing dead” to “of course value will outperform” in less than six months.


Migration By Fama & French (Validea)
Some interesting research that took a unique approach to explaining the value and size premiums.


Have More Trust In Financial Services? (Alpha Architect)
Low levels of trust may be significantly reducing the demand for financial advice.

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