Hot Reads: Mutual Fund to ETF Conversions No Guarantee

Hot Reads: Mutual Fund to ETF Conversions No Guarantee

Plus, most professional investors think we’re already in a global recession.

Reviewed by: Heather Bell
Edited by: Heather Bell

Mutual-Fund-to-ETF Conversions Fail to Attract Investors (Bloomberg)
More than one-third of converted funds have posted net outflows since they made the switch, according to Bloomberg data.


Is Recession Inevitable? Most Managers Have the Same Answer (Institutional Investor)
Natixis found that 80% of allocators believe active managers are “necessary” to find alpha during a recession.


There Is More Inflation Complexity Ahead (Jackson Hole Economics)
Mohamed El-Erian warns against dangerous complacency, which could make an already serious problem much harder to solve.


Foreign Stocks Are Hot Again—Will It Last? (The Capital Spectator)
The rally in foreign stocks so far in 2023 suggests the tide may finally be turning in favor of global investing strategies.


‘Shadow Trading’ ETFs (Financial Times)
The idea that insider trades are taking place with ETFs is interesting to think about, but there are some flaws in the thesis that should be considered.


Muni ETFs Are Nabbing Record Cash (Bloomberg)
ETFs now account for about 11% of total municipal fund assets, surpassing the total held in closed-end funds, according to Bloomberg data.


Why Investors Repeat the Same Mistakes (The Evidence-Based Investor)
The central problem for investors is about behavior and stories. One of them changes and the other doesn’t.

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