Hot Reads: Why This Billionaire Is Worried About ESG

Hot Reads: Why This Billionaire Is Worried About ESG

Plus, why have FAANG stocks dominated?
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Why This Billionaire Is Worried About Green Investing (New York Times)

Blackstone’s Steve Schwarzman argues ESG is making it too hard to lend to drillers amid an energy crunch.


Why Have FAANG Stocks Been So Dominant? (Evidence-Based Investor)

The key factor may be rock-bottom interest rates.


The Senior Investment Role Increasingly Dominated By Women (Institutional Investor)

About 45% of sustainability officers in global companies are female, despite women making up about 20% of all management roles.


China Could Build New Coal Plants Overseas Even After Xi Pledge (Yahoo Finance)

It’s unclear whether Xi Jinping will follow through on his climate plans as world leaders prepare to gather for a critical UN climate conference in Glasgow next week.


Economists Are Remarkably Bad At Forecasting Short Term Interest Rates (Econbrowser)

Mean reversion to the max.


Retirement Advisors Looking Away From S&P 500 (Financial Advisor)

Today’s zero-interest rate world is forcing advisors and their clients to attempt a high-wire act.


Risking Fast & Slow (Of Dollars & Data)

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