On Demand Webinar: Portfolio Perspectives on Investing Through Higher for Longer

On Demand Webinar: Portfolio Perspectives on Investing Through Higher for Longer

Sumit Roy, a senior analyst at etf.com, hosted this webinar, in partnership with Global X, on the importance of portfolio positioning.

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The shift from globalization to reshoring is a major structural change that is likely to have long-term implications. This trend is made possible by key technological advances, while simultaneously providing a tailwind to the adoption of key technologies. Robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence have the potential to improve the cost competitiveness of U.S. manufacturing. This is further supported by the increased level of U.S. infrastructure spending coming from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of November 2021.

While higher for longer interest rates remain a headwind for economic growth, there are key investment areas that stand to benefit from structural changes and fiscal support. Global X CIO Jon Maier and portfolio strategist Michelle Cluver discuss portfolio positioning during this critical period in our recent webinar. 

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