Odds & Ends: DWS Enters the Thematic Arena

Also, Dimensional applies for ETF share class model.

Reviewed by: Sean Allocca
Edited by: Daria Solovieva

European asset manager DWS Group launched this week its first thematic ETFs in the U.S. market under its Xtrackers brand, while Dimensional Fund Advisors filed to use the ETF-as-a-share-class structure pioneered by Vanguard Group Inc. 

The three funds, Xtrackers Semiconductor Select Equity ETF (CHPS), Xtrackers Cybersecurity Select Equity ETF (PSWD) and Xtrackers US Green Infrastructure Select Equity ETF (UPGR) launched Thursday and are the first thematic ETFs the company has launched in the U.S.  

Arne Noack, head of systematic investment solutions for the Americas at DWS Group said that this was the start of a much broader push into the thematic ETF space. He also told etf.com this week that subsequent launches will continue through 2023 and 2024, and possibly into 2025. 

Systematic active ETF provider Dimensional Fund Advisors made a splash this week, becoming the first major U.S. ETF provider to apply for regulatory exemption top structure ETFs as a share class of traditional mutual funds.  

The structure, pioneered and patented by Vanguard 20 years ago, and recently coming off patent. There has been considerable uncertainty over whether the Securities and Exchange Commission will grant another exemption, and DFA, focusing on actively managed funds, differs significantly from the index-focused Vanguard. 



  • Simplify Multi-QIS Alternative ETF (QIS) 
  • Schwab High Yield Bond ETF (SCYB) 


  • Global X U.S. Cash Flow Kings 100 ETF (FLOW) 
  • Blueprint Chesapeake Multi-Asset Trend ETF (TFPN) 


  • Principal Focused Blue Chip ETF (BCHP) 
  • Blackrock Short-Term California Muni Bond ETF (CALY) 
  • Goldman Sachs North American Pipelines & Power Equity ETF (GPOW) 
  • Texas Capital Texas Equity Index ETF (TXS) 
  • Xtrackers Semiconductor Select Equity ETF (CHPS) 
  • Xtrackers Cybersecurity Select Equity ETF (PSWD) 
  • Xtrackers US Green Infrastructure Select Equity ETF (UPGR) 


Tuesday: FlexShares ESG & Climate High Yield Corporate Core Index Fund (FEHY) 

Thursday: ETFMG Prime 2x Daily Junior Silver Miners ETF (SILX) 


Existing Fund Changes 


The following funds will undergo stock splits after markets close on July 14, and begin trading on a split-adjusted basis on July 17. 

Reverse Splits 


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