Nominations Closing Soon for Awards

Nominations Closing Soon for Awards

Let us know who you think stood out from the crowd last year.

Reviewed by: Heather Bell
Edited by: Heather Bell

Nominations are closing quickly on the ETF industry's marquee awards ceremony. After a yearlong hiatus, the nominations are now open for the Awards for 2022 through Jan. 31. And once again, we need you, our readers, to help us select the best of the best.

“The Awards has been such an integral part of our industry for so many years that we are honored to bring it back in 2023,” said Sean Allocca, editor-in-chief of “It’s truly a privilege to help recognize and commemorate all the iconic people that have shaped the ETF world.”

Despite its depressing performance, last year was packed with new ideas and new players entering the industry, so there’s a lot to consider. Anyone can nominate a contender for an award—don’t be shy in expressing your thoughts. Remember: A fund, person or index must receive a nomination to be eligible to win that award in addition to meeting the criteria.

Let us know who you think should take home the following awards:

(Note: The full description of each award’s criteria is contained in the nomination survey here. Just click on the name of the award to read the description.)

  1. Lifetime Achievement
  2. ETF of the Year
  3. Best New ETF
  4. Best New U.S. Equity ETF
  5. Best New International/Global Equity ETF
  6. Best New U.S. Fixed Income ETF
  7. Best New International/Global Fixed Income ETF
  8. Best New ESG ETF
  9. Best New Smart Beta or Factor ETF
  10. Best New Active ETF
  11. Best Thematic ETF of the Year
  12. New ETF Ticker of the Year
  13. ETF Issuer of the Year
  14. New ETF Issuer of the Year
  15. Index Provider of the Year

The Process Award winners are selected in a three-part process designed to leverage the insights and opinions of leaders throughout the ETF industry.

Step 1

The awards process begins with open nominations, which start today, Jan. 3, 2022, and close Jan. 31, 2023. Interested parties are invited to submit nominations via the publicly available survey form. Self-nominations are accepted. Nominators may nominate in as many categories as they like. You cannot win if you are not nominated, and no nominations will be accepted after the deadline. There are no exceptions to these rules.

Step 2

Following the open nominations process, the etfcom Awards Nominating Committee—made up of editorial staff—reviews nominations. Nominations are screened for eligibility (appropriate timing and category). If more than five unique entries are received in the nomination process, the members of the Nominating Committee will rank their top five, resulting in a final slate for each category. Votes will be resolved on a majority basis, and ties broken where possible with head-to-head runoff votes. If ties cannot be broken, more than five finalists are allowed. The Nominating Committee will complete its work in early March, with the finalists published on

Step 3

Winners among these finalists will be selected by a majority vote of the Awards Selection Committee, a group of independent ETF experts from throughout the ETF community. Committee members will recuse themselves from voting in any category in which they or their firms appear as finalists. Ties will be decided where possible with head-to-head runoff votes. Results will be kept confidential until they are announced at the Awards ceremony, an in-person event in New York City in April.

2022 Awards Selection Committee

This year, we’ve got an impressive roster of analysts and practitioners representing the ETF industry and its users to vote on your recommendations for the awards. The seven members are listed below:

  • Eric Balchunas, Senior ETF Analyst, Bloomberg Intelligence  
  • Marguerita Cheng, CEO, Blue Ocean Global Wealth   
  • Jillian DelSignore, Head of Strategic Growth & Solutions, FLX Networks 
  • Deborah Fuhr, Managing Partner/Founder, ETFGI  
  • Elisabeth Kashner, Director of Global Funds Research, FactSet  
  • Ben Lavine, Chief Investment Officer, 3D/L Capital Management  
  • Aniket Ullal, Head, ETF Data & Analytics, CFRA  

Nominate the contenders you think are most deserving here.

Heather Bell is a former managing editor of She has also held editorial positions at Dow Jones Indexes and Lehman Brothers. Bell is a graduate of Dartmouth college and resides in the Denver area with her two dogs.