Asset Allocation ETFs ETF Overview

Asset allocation ETFs invest across asset classes including equity, fixed income and others to create a blended ETF portfolio with usually a proprietary or actively managed focus.

With 117 ETFs traded on the U.S. markets, Asset Allocation ETFs ETFs have total assets under management of $15.93B. The average expense ratio is 0.92%. Asset Allocation ETFs ETFs can be found in the following asset classes:

  • Asset Allocation

The largest Asset Allocation ETFs ETF is the iShares Core Growth Allocation ETF AOR with $1.80B in assets. In the last trailing year, the best-performing Asset Allocation ETFs ETF was GDMA at 4.90%. The most recent ETF launched in the Asset Allocation ETFs space was the NightShares 2000 ETF NIWM on 06/28/22.

Top ETF Performers

CYA Simplify Tail Risk Strategy ETF 30.29%
RRH Advocate Rising Rate Hedge ETF 10.83%
FAIL Cambria Global Tail Risk ETF 4.66%
TAIL Cambria Tail Risk ETF 2.54%
GDMA Gadsden Dynamic Multi-Asset ETF 2.21%

Bottom ETF Performers

HYIN WisdomTree Alternative Income Fund -19.13%
CEFD ETRACS Monthly Pay 1.5X Leveraged Closed-End Fund Index ETN -17.45%
VPC Virtus Private Credit Strategy ETF -15.66%
NTSE WisdomTree Emerging Markets Efficient Core Fund -13.40%
IWIN Amplify Inflation Fighter ETF -12.76%

Top Creations

MDIV Multi-Asset Diversified Income Index Fund 42.72
TDSE Cabana Target Drawdown 16 ETF 37.73
NTSI WisdomTree International Efficient Core Fund 32.43
GMOM Cambria Global Momentum ETF 18.94
AOK iShares Core Conservative Allocation ETF 18.63

Top Redemptions

AOR iShares Core Growth Allocation ETF -89.97
YLD Principal Active High Yield ETF -65.35
AOA iShares Core Aggressive Allocation ETF -56.07
AOM iShares Core Moderate Allocation ETF -54.20
CLSA Cabana Target Leading Sector Aggressive ETF -33.22

AUM Winners

FIG Simplify Macro Strategy ETF 59.62%
GMOM Cambria Global Momentum ETF 31.08%
TUGN STF Tactical Growth & Income ETF 26.77%
AOK iShares Core Conservative Allocation ETF 23.06%
MPAY Akros Monthly Payout ETF 20.14%

AUM Losers

TAEQ Trend Aggregation U.S. ETF -92.26%
WBII WBI BullBear Global Income ETF -82.17%
TEGS Trend Aggregation ESG ETF -74.39%
WBIT WBI BullBear Trend Switch U.S. 3000 Total Return ETF -71.72%
NSPY NightShares 500 ETF -46.77%

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